With over 24 years of dedicated customer service and sound knowledge of the market, BTM has recently launched its new range of premium quality products including spices, masalas, Jaffna curry powder, Sesame and Coconut oil, lentils, chillies and a variety of rice grains to name a few. Despite, such an expansive range you can be assured that BTM’s products are of the highest quality and available at affordable prices. It comes as no surprise that they have gained themselves the name of Best Taste Makers within the industry, due to their continued efforts to provide their clients with the best of the best.

In Chettinad Tamil, ‘Grand Mothers’ are fondly called as “AACHI”. Food prepared with Aachi is equal to the food prepared by our mothers which have always been special and in good taste. A mother always speaks the language of love through cooking good, quality, tasty food which is always a favourite among the young and old!

Anne is the brand known for its quality product since long years, loved by most of the people across the globe, Anny is a quality product from Morrocco

Germany’s No. 1 mineral water brand. Gerolsteiner GmbH & Co. KG is one of the most important mineral spring operators in Germany and the world. We’re proud of our deep roots in the Volcanic Eifel that have made us what we are today. 125 years and counting Gerolsteiner Brunnen’s roots go back to 1888. Our company’s long and eventful history is an integral part of our brand. The company was been an inherit part of the community of the Volcanic Eifel for over 125 years.

Wan Thai Foods Industry Company Limited was established in 1971 and became a joint venture with Ajinomoto Co., Inc. of Japan in 1972. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of instant noodles in Thailand with the “YumYum” brand. Over the past 40 years “YumYum” has provided the satisfying happiness of truly delicious and authentic Thai tastes through a wide-ranging variety of instant noodle products.

Power Horse Zero Sugar gives you 100% of what you want: full energy with 100% taste, 100% refreshment, and 0% sugar. It only has 3 calories per 100ml. The Zero Sugar is 100% vegan, halal and alcohol-free.

BTM is having conections to bring the popular brands in food, non food and small home appliances directly from its origin and now we are serving many popular brands based on the needs of customers.

Sourced and carefully handpicked from the most authentic places. Each product is hygienically packed, loaded with nutrition and makes your meal taste like magic.

Our rigorous quality control process ensures you get nothing but the best. We do extensive systematic checks across all stages right at the beginning from sourcing to packaging and distribution at the end.