Established in the year 2000 and operating over 24 successful years, the brand BTM has continually grown within the industry and cemented itself as a household name. BTM has spread its wings internationally with loyal customers all around the world, who are confident in the brand and the efficient service.

Whilst BTM started its journey with canned fish, sardines and dry goods. It now brings you flavours from all around the world through its diverse range of products, suitable for any occasion. BTM is the prestigious and exclusive distributor for many popular brands like Yum Yum instant noodles (from Thailand), Gerolsteiner Water (from Germany), Anny canned sardine (from Morocco), Aachi Masala Foods (Private) Ltd (From India).
With over 21 years of dedicated customer service and sound knowledge of the market, BTM has recently launched its new range of premium quality products including spices, masalas, Jaffna curry powder, Sesame and Coconut oil, lentils, chillies and a variety of rice grains to name a few. Despite, such an expansive range you can be assured that BTM’s products are of the highest quality and available at affordable prices. It comes as no surprise that they have gained themselves the name of Best Taste Makers within the industry, due to their continued efforts to provide their clients with the best of the best.

Directors Message

Message from Mr. Thiyagarajah Balasingham

– Co founder & Director BTM International.

BTM is the company which was incorporated in the year 2000 with an aim to cater quality products at an affordable price. Today BTM is one of the leading brands in the UK and Europe.

BTM has always followed ethical practises in business and always stands on the side of consumers to ensure they are getting the best service and products year on year.

Message from Mr. Thiyagarajah Manoharan

– Co founder & Director, BTM International

BTM has always been passionate in selecting the best new products, that are sourced directly from its origin and the manufacturers. The wide range of BTM products we bring from various countries across the globe is reflective of our desire to cater all occasions, whatever the time and place.

The vision of BTM is and will always be to make the brand about the people who use it. We want our products to suit every lifestyle and reach every kitchen across the globe. Our loyal customers in the UK and Europe love our products, so we have decided to launch our range in more countries around the globe so more people can experience the quality and uncompromised flavour of our products.

Quality Assurance:

We always take the utmost care to select and pack each product and we guarantee the quality of each product from the brand BTM, we assure happiness in every purchase.